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The Capri Advantage

Capricoating Solutions has the requisite market expertise and a robust resource network to deliver impeccable label stock solutions in various substrates as well as solutions for the release liner market. Some of the industries we cater to include:

Oil & Industrial Chemical

At Capri, we identify with client requirements and suggest the best labelling solutions. Accommodating to the specific requirements of the oil industry we provide them with label stocks which go through rigorous quality checks, and are designed to withstand intense industrial environment conditions like chemical resistance, abrasion, extreme temperatures, moisture, etc.
Basis of requirement and product environment assessment we decide on the ruggedness and toughness of the labels.


Digital Printing

We offer innovative label stock solutions that go beyond conventional printing technologies. Capri has a broad label stock portfolio catering to various industries, ranging from food, beverage, industrial, etc. We have an extensive range of label stocks suitable for a wide range of digital printing technologies which include gloss, white, clear, and matte types.

We are considered as one of the leading providers of superior quality papers and films in the digital printing industry based on durability, print performance, and imaging output quality.


Food & Beverages

Label stock application in the Food and Beverages industry is one of the most diversified and plays an important role in the appearance of your product. We offer impeccable label stock solutions for the food and beverages industry which are suitable for a variety of food packaging types like glass, card boards, fibre based materials, plastic materials, metals, etc. Our self-adhesive label stocks can endure extreme product environmental conditions and assure label performance. Whether your product is used in wet environment, exposed to hot weather, or freezing conditions, we identify the right label solution.

Wine & Spirits

We at Capri help in enhancing the appearance of wine and spirit bottles and make them stand out from the rest by offering elegant label stock solutions. We offer ultra-clear films, textured, coated, uncoated, and various metallised, non-metallised papers, labels and films. These label stocks are manufactured using water and ice-resistant materials.


Home & Personal Care

We offer a wide variety of paper and film label materials for a diverse range of home and personal care products. Be it toiletries, crafts products, perfumes, etc. packaged in squeezable, contoured, or rigid containers, we have precise labelling solutions for all.


Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Our industry leading expertise and a decade of extensive R&D allows us to offer different types of label stocks suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. Our high-quality label stock solutions are designed to withstand even the most extreme pharmaceutical environment and laboratory applications like pharmaceutical packaging, vials and test tubes cold and cryogenic storage, sterilization, security, and more.


We have a variety of label stocks for different types of retail applications ranging from clothing, shoes, mattresses, to groceries in supermarkets. We offer label stocks for shelf marking, barcoding, shipping labels, pricing tags, size marking labels, inventory tagging, etc.


Transport & Logistics

From cross-docking and shipping labels to transit and order picking, Capri provides a wide range of labels for the transport and logistics sector. Our transport and logistics labels are durable, long-lasting and are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions.


Brand Protection

At Capri, we truly understand the need to protect a brand, and great emphasis is given on creating customised robust label stocks with latest security features. We offer a comprehensive list of security features in our brand protection label stocks such as tracking, tracing, tamper evidence, anti-counterfeiting and more.


Capri delivers premium quality label stock solutions for durable goods industry meeting with precise specifications and performing consistently throughout extreme conditions. Our durable label stock solutions are durable, cost-effective, and pass through stringent quality tests.


A4 & Cut-size

We have a vast range of A4 and cut-size label stocks with outstanding processing reliability and exceptional printing results.



At Capri, we’re committed to manufacturing premium quality self-adhesive tire label stock solutions. The tire labels are extreme on the ruggedness and highly durable so that they can bear the brunt of extreme storage and transportation conditions.

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